Minox BV 8x42 BR Binoculars

Minox BV 8x42 BR Binoculars

Satisfaction at an affordable price is guaranteed by the modern optical systems of the BV 8x42 BR and BV 10x42 BR . These binoculars feature multicoated lens elements which reduce glare to a minimum and provide exceptionally high light transmission as well as neutral colour rendition of the subject in view. Thanks to the roof prisms with phase correction coating the user can enjoy an image with high detail rendition and rich in contrast - even in poor light conditions. Available in both 8x and 10x magnifications, these new MINOX BV binoculars are the perfect low cost alternatives for nature observers, hunters and birders.

Minox BV 8x42 BR Binoculars:

Powerful binoculars for hunters and nature observers

Binoculars from Minox not only offer the latest technology and excellent quality in all its product ranges, but also feature an excellent cost to benefits ratio. With the new "Value Line" the optical specialists at Minox show once again that quality is very affordable. Here the 8x42 BV and the 10x42 BV show the many renowned design features and functions of the latest Minox sport optics. These binoculars are ideal for the price conscious outdoor enthusiast - whether travelling, being involved in sport, watching an event, hunting or looking at nature of every kind.

Featuring an exceptionally slim design helped by the use of modern roof prisms and with an excellent grip thanks to their rubber armouring, the binoculars rest comfortably in your hands. The sturdy body ensures the reliable operation of the internal optical system and precision mechanism which are fully protected against dust and water through an innovative sealing technology. The 8x42 BV and 10x42 BV are water-tight preventing the penetration of moisture up to a pressure of 0.5 bar or a depth of down to three meters in water. The nitrogen gas filling also provides permanent protection against internal corrosion and prevents fogging of the optical surfaces, even with extreme temperature fluctuations. The outer shape of the new BV binoculars is again the work of VW-Design. This cooperation of Minox and the Volkswagen designers has already been recognised many times with prestigious awards for the design of binoculars and spotting scopes.

With their extended exit pupil and twist-up rubber eyecups with click stops these new BVs can also be adjusted very well to the individual requirements of people wearing glasses. Therefore spectacle wearers can enjoy a full field of view that is sharp right to the edges.